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Mission Possible **NEW**

Mission Possible, the schools counselling programme is a new intervention that seeks to build a safe and trusting space between the learners and the counsellors through offering psychological and emotional support, a space that stimulates discussions around issues of violence, abuse, sexuality, HIV/AIDS, alcohol and drug abuse and peer pressure with the firm belief that talking is therapy and therapy is healing.

There have been a number of reports about sexual abuse in schools and at home, mainly by teacher to pupil or trusted family members and peers, which is rarely reported. It is common knowledge that in South Africa young people are faced with adult questions often relating to their survival hence issues like transactional sex between students and taxi drivers or any adult possessing money, self medication using drugs and alcohol.  

Drug and alcohol abuse is often found to be the reason behind persons being victimized and perpetrators carrying out the act, while on the other hand, most people turn to drugs and alcohol as a result of trauma and depression caused by sexual abuse. These are the day to day struggles of a young person in South Africa therefore why are we not making sure that when they make those hard bread and butter decisions it is through the help of a trusted friend who is always available in that school.

The School Counselling project will have an emphasis on prevention, treatment and care for those who have been directly affected as well as after care for families through the assistance and support of Auxiliary Social Workers and sports coaches placed in each school.  

The Project Objectives are:

To get learners talking about their every day challenges and realities, motivating them  to undergo self introspection on what their role is in life and empowering them to      take control of their own world.

To use counselling and therapy as a tool to create confident and successful learners     in this challenging, scary and often confusing world that young people find themselves.

Ensuring that support system is available to every learner in schools to make the act of decision and choice making a priority