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Forms of Sexual Violence

There are many forms of sexual violence that both men and women need to have knowledge on and understand what to do or not to do when such incidents happen. Some of these acts are labeled as cultural or traditional while they are actually going against human rights and take away one’s dignity.

1. Rape: An act of forceful sexual intercourse with penetration without consent. As NGO's we would like for it to be defined as an act of forceful sexual intercourse with or without penetration without consent. The critical elements in terms of the legal definition are an act, forceful. Sexual intercourse penetration and without consent, South African law works or function on the basis of proof.

2. Gang Rape: This is when a person has been raped by two or more people.

3. Date/ Acquaintance Rape: This is when a person has been raped by an individual known to them such as a friend, a date or even someone you are in a relationship with.

4. Marital Rape: This is when an individual is raped (or forced into a sexual intercourse without consent) by a marital spouse.

5. Indecent Assault: This is when one uses objects such as a bottle, wooden or metal objects for penetration on another person without their consent.

Protecting Yourself Against Rape

Do not be alone with someone whom you do not know well enough to trust

If you like the “night life”, go out with a group of friends and stay with the group.

Do not go to someone's house if there is nobody else there,

Do not go to lonely places where there are no plenty of other people around.

If you are going out make sure other people such as your parents and friends know where you are going and when to expect you back home.

Always have money on you when you go for a date so that you can find your way home if you date turns sour.

Don't over-indulge on alcohol or take drugs, they can make it difficult for you to be clear about your limits and make it hard for you to explain yourself clearly

Never accept a drink from someone you don't know and never leave your drink unattended while you go to the toilet to avoid having your drink spiked with “rape drugs”

What TO DO if Rape Occurs

Get medical care as soon as possible - you must have a medical check-up to make sure that you are okay and to take care of any injuries or cuts you might have, get tested for HIV and pregnancy and be given necessary treatment within 72 hours.

If your rapist wears a condom before rape, try to scratch or pull off their hair to provide enough evidence and make investigations easier   

Ask a parent or friend to accompany you to the clinic or hospital to give you support, find someone who is strong, caring, and dependable (someone whom you trust and can rely on)

If you want to report the rape do so as soon as possible

Get counseling!! This is very important to help you deal with the trauma and impact related to rape and continue to live beyond it.

Look for ongoing support system to join if you are battling to cope with the situation


What NOT TO DO After Being Raped


Do not bath before going for medical care, it is recommended that a rape victim should not even wash her hands because this can destroy physical evidence (dirt, semen, body fluids, hair etc).

Do not put clothes in a plastic bag as plastic material removes evidence. Rather use a pillow-case to take with the clothes that were worn at the time the rape happened, The clothes will used as evidence to prove that the rape happened.

Do not try to protect the perpetrator as they will continue to do this to more other people in the future!

Reporting Process


Report the rape within 72 hours so that the necessary health precautions can be taken (PEP and STI Treatment)

When you get to the police station, you have the right to report the matter privately in a private room

You have a right to be assisted by a female officer

Do not sign the statement unless you are happy with content there in

Take down the name of the officer who is assisting you, the investigating officer, as well as the time at which you came to the police station

You have the right to be escorted by the police to and from the district surgeon and back home

Under no circumstances should the perpetrator be shown where you live

Alcohol and Drugs – How do they put you at risk?


One of the risk behavior the many young people fall into is the use of alcohol or drugs, this session will take a look at the causes and consequences of alcohol and drug abuse.


Some possible causes may be:



Poverty and feeling of hopelessness


Parents drinking

Failure to do well in school

Personal happiness

Trying to forget problems

Excuses ( even doctors and teacher drink)

Trying to act grown up

Peer pressure


Some possible consequences of misusing drugs and alcohol:

Poor decision making

Bad health

Failure in school

Problems in the family

Trouble with police

Having sex, and in most instances unprotected sex

Getting pregnant

Contracting HIV or STD’s


Date Rape Drugs

These are drugs usually used to “spike” drinks during dates or in a busy night club or parties.  These drugs normally makes you very weak and finally unconscious. It is in this state that one can easily take advantage of you or rape you without knowing or feeling anything at all. To avoid this, take note of the following points:  

Only drink from containers/bottles that were opened and poured before your eyes

When in a public place like club or party, Never leave your drink unattended … not even for a minute because it takes a split second to drop the pill into a drink

Avoid group drinks such as punch bowls

If you are feeling really tired and really drunk and you don’t know why, you may be feeling the effects of a drug… Tell a friend or security and get to a safer place

 Protecting Yourself Against Sexual Violence

Practice good safety habits: Protect yourself from crime by always locking your door when you are home or away.

Know your sexual limits: You have the right to say “No” to any unwanted sexual contact

Communicate your limits verbally: Don’t assume the other person knows your feelings or will get the message from your body language.

Listen to your gut feeling: If you feel uncomfortable or threatened, scream or if you can, leave the situation and go to a safe place.

Attend social activities with friends: Agree to look out for each other and walk around as a group, even to the toilet.

Protecting Yourself Against Accusations of Sexual Offence … Guys, this is for you!!

To succeed in the fight against sexual violence, men have a role to play.

Listen carefully, if you are receiving an unclear message, ask for clarification.

When you hear “NO’ believe it and stop.

Assume silence means “NO” and stop

Consent to kiss is not consent to have sex.                                                                                    Back to top

Know that having sexual contact with someone who is mentally or physically incapable of consent is a crime.


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