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When Andile was 11, her father raped her. The following year she was beaten and raped by a stranger on the way to school. Born in Soweto, Andile is a singer and songwriter of Kwaito, a style of popular South African music. She’s been a celebrity in the music scene since her early 20s, releasing albums in South Africa and a single with BMG records.

To diversify her professional profile, Andile chose radio as her medium. Her interest in the nonprofit world led her to get Yfm Radio Station to initiate a department called YCARES. When she began talking publicly about her own history of childhood sexual abuse on Youth Statio Yfm, Andile predicted some response from the public-  but she did not realise the magnitude of the problem. Hundreds of calls flooded te radio station; half came from adults who wanted to volunteer or help, and half were young people who had been sexually abused. Andile consulted with experts in the field and arranged meetings with groups of callers, thus beginning her successful Open Disclosure Foundation.

About Us

Andile was recently named as a Clinton Democracy Fellow and the Ashoka Fellowship and today the foundation enjoys a mutually beneficial relationship with YFM amongst others which boast a listenership of a staggering 1.2 million predominantly young people.

Andile is supported in her Chairmanship of The Foundation by a Board that includes Civil Society leaders, Celebrities and Intellectuals.

The vision

To become the premium of psychosocial and economic empowerment support services to those at risk, survivors and victims of gender based violence, whilst proactively influencing and ensuring the implementation of legislation that is pro poor and gender sensitive

The mission

The holistic provision of prevention, treatment and care services to those at risk, survivors and victims of gender based violence in a safe environment.

Organisation Motto

Talking is therapy and therapy is healing

Andile Carelse